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  • Interpretation boards

    7 interpretation boards created by Breakthrough Marketing for Sandwell Burial and Cremation grounds

    Sandwell Bereavement Services commissioned BTM to create a series of interpretation boards for each of the burial and cremation sites across Sandwell. Boards for Tipton, Fallings Heath, Heath Lane, Rowley, Thimblemill, Uplands and Sandwell Valley Crematorium were created enabling visitors to understand a little history of each ground and incorporating a map of the sites, identifying the different areas within the burial / cremation grounds.


    Series of boards identifying the history and areas within Sandwell burial and cremation grounds.

  • Pavilion Walkway

    Panels installed on the Pavillion walkway illustrate the history of Dartmouth Park.

    16 installations were researched by the Friends of Dartmouth Park and designed and printed by Breakthrough Marketing. The panels start with a timeline for the park and wind around the walkway giving the history of how the park was conceived and developed, together with memories of people who have used the park over the decades. Many of the photographs used are from members of the Friends group. The panels included the Legge Family Tree (the Earls of Dartmouth), the Life of Reuben Farley who was instrumental in providing a ‘people’s park’ for West Bromwich, and a panel highlighting some of the wonderful floral displays in the park over the decades.


    Timeline identifying the park of the decades

  • Business Planning & Marketing for BUDS

    From complete marketing material to business planning. Breakthrough Marketing worked at BUDS for 3 days a week re creating marketing materials such as their annual report, website refresh/update, social media, creation of a newsletter, writing and implementing their marketing plan, communication strategy and business plan, the design and print of leaflets, posters and stationery. Identifying funding opportunities, writing bids and tenders.


    Focusing on developing a more business culture through BUDS services. Taking BUDS journey to the next level. Identifying and implement more innovative models for delivering their services, whilst ensuring an excellent cost effective service.

  • Marketing Sandwell Legal Services (SLS)

    Design and print of the SLS brand including all marketing material. Organise and promote events and training inhouse and around the UK, write and create annual report. Networking, design & create website, monitor and evaluation of marketing. Identify and complete tender opportunities. Create social media platforms and regularly post updates.


    Income generate and the creation of a professional brand